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Eye of the Eagle

1998 saw a renewed collaboration between the two IONA co-founders, who were both drawn to the writings of David Adam and in particular the idea of writing music together around the text of a book that was very special to them: The Eye of the Eagle. It was during a visit to Lindisfarne that David Fitzgerald enquired of David Adam which of all the writings that he had released over the years would he feel would be the one that he would most like to see set to some kind of musical interpretation, without hesitation he replied "The Eye of the Eagle". The seed for the project was sown and so a few years later (in November 1998) the recorded project was released.

'The Eye of the Eagle' takes us on a journey through the medium of creative and powerful use of word and music which produces a landscape of images in the mind of the listener. These landscapes speak to us of the mystery of creation, from the vastness of this world and of the universe beyond, to the intimacy of human relationship and spiritual experience.

Based upon the book of the same name, 'The Eye of the Eagle' is a musical interpretation of the writings of the highly acclaimed writer and poet David Adam, who also narrates his own work on the original CD recording (his voice being recorded on location on the Island of LEindisfarne, along with the sounds of the island: the sounds of the sea, the wind and the sea birds.

'The Eye of the Eagle' draws upon select Biblical sources as well as the work of writers such as William Blake and TS Elliot. In addition to this are other texts by ancient Celtic Saints such as St Patrick and modern Eastern Orthodox writer Bishop Kallistos Ware. The emphasis is upon the music however, which is a faithful interpretation of the chosen texts, and is a most wonderful and rich tapestry of sounds and styles.


Dave Bainbridge: keyboards, piano, acoustic & electric guitars, bouzouki, star bells, Indian bells,
sound modelling, programming, vocal & choral arrangements

Dave Fitzgerald: Soprano, Alto & Tenor saxophones, flute, Chinese flutes, Irish whistles, flageolet,


Moya Brennan: vocal loops
Shona MacDonnald: vocals
Scott Farrell: St. Edmundsbury Cathedral organ
Choir: The St. Edmundsbury Boys Choir
David Adam: poetry & narration

PRODUCER: Dave Bainbridge

LABEL: Open Sky Records

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