composer / musician / producer / co-founder of IONA
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Veil of Gossamer

'Airy, heavenly, emotional, rocky, spiritual; these are all words that can apply to the new solo album by Iona's Dave Bainbridge...... a work of much beauty.... and one that will make those hairs stand on the back of your neck now and then...... The ethereal meets the rocky perfectly as angel- like voices and the traditional link to explosions of electric guitar and percussion.'
Martin Hudson - Classic Rock Society Mag May/June 2004

The long awaited solo album by the IONA co-founder. Featured guests include Joanne Hogg, Mae McKenna, Rachael Jones, Troy Donockley, Frank Van Essen etc.


Dave Bainbridge - Keyboards, Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Piano, Bouzouki, Mandolin, Balafon, 15
String Harp, Star Bells, Bongos, Hand Drum, Indian Tambourine, Shakers, Finger Cymbals
Mae McKenna - Vocals (wordless, Gaelic)
Rachel Jones - Vocals (wordless, whispered)
Joanne Hogg - Vocals (wordless, ethereal, Spanish)
Chris Hale - Improvised Vocals (wordless, Urdu)
Troy Donockley - Uillean Pipes, Tin Whistles, Low Whistles, Vocals
Tim Harries - Bass Guitar
Frank Van Essen - Drums, Percussion, Violin, Bodhran, Bells
Peter Fairclough - Cymbal Sculptures, Gongs, Wind Chimes, Cymbals.
Nick Beggs - Bass Guitar, Fretless Bass
Peter Whitfield - Violins, Violas
William Schofield - Solo Cello

PRODUCER: Dave Bainbridge

LABEL: Open Sky Records

Track Samples:


'To my ears this is the most successful album of this type since Mike Oldfield's masterpiece Ommadawn. Stunning.' - Sept 2004

'...a sonic masterpiece...Bainbridge has given us what is in my humble opinion one of the best albums ever to be recorded.....some of the best music that he has ever written Chris MacIntosh aka Grandfather Rock August 2004.'

'Bainbridge's guitar playing is superb; his electric solos conjure Eric Johnson and Allan Holdsworth, while his acoustic technique dazzles, thanks to a remarkable dexterity and the use of unusual tunings.... ....Looking deeper, the music is genuinely touching, possessing a spiritual quality that speaks to the soul and inspires various states of positivity, from peaceful tranquility to breathless exhilaration. Layers of wordless vocals - courtesy of Joanne Hogg (Iona), Rachel Jones (Karnataka), and Mae McKenna - and McKenna's heartfelt renderings of Gaelic hymns (in the original language) lend an ethereal, otherworldly quality to much of Veil of Gossamer.....Best of 2004, hands down.' August 2004

'Albums of this quality are a rare thing and make life and music absolutely worthwhile. Besides the outstanding compositions and musicians, the production is flawless and the artwork fits the theme of the music as if the artist knew the story (which wasn't the case!). So, an absolutely amazing album, filled with nothing but beauty, beauty we all need in our lives, whether we admit it or not.' August 2004

'I fear that my words might not do justice to the haunting and beautiful guitar that opens The Everlasting Hills (part 1); or misses the beauty of the vocals accompanied by Troy Donockley's Uilleann Pipes in (part 2)......Veil of Gossamer is a truly wonderful album combining the best of Iona's Celtic atmospheres along with some splendid guitar work from Dave Bainbridge, and great performances from the assembled cast.' Holland Sept 2004

Sitting here stunned after my first full listen to Veil of Gossamer, I've not the command of words to convey the true gratitude to Dave Bainbridge for what has instantly become one of my favorite recordings of all time. Kenneth L. Solomon - Progressive Soundscapes Radio August 2004.